Chris Butterworth

Developer, UX Design, Strategy


Working with a plethora of clients in a wide variety of industries (and locations) for nearly a decade, I've had the chance to work on some amazing creative digital projects with some brilliant people and make a massive impact on new processes and practices as our every changing industry grows.

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April 2017 -> February 2018

Create Sustain is the brainchild of Alex McIntosh, who is passionate about fashion and retail sustainability that he created his own consultancy and collective to help retailers and brands embed sustainability into their operations.

Working with my good friend Redwan El-Harrak again, who created the great design and worked with Alex to collate the content and create the imagery. This came together with helping create the interactions to display the content.

This has been a great project to work on; from content challenges to the responsive nature of the design to ensure good usability and a great experience overall.

Take a look and find out more about Create Sustain

June 2017 -> Ongoing

The Brand Identity has become the go to website for inspirational brands and interviews with some of the top design studios in the UK.

Elliott is a colleague of mine at the District and had enough of using SquareSpace and was looking for a much needed upgrade especially with the launch of his book, The Process.

Working together we produced a really tight brutalist design that lets the inspirational work speak for itself.

Visit the website here

August 2016 -> December 2016

Working with an old colleague Redwan El-Harrak, we worked together and created this simple yet effective portfolio website for renowned photography Kerry Dean.

Making the navigation as simple as possible and working closely together on the design and user experience made this project run extremely smoothly; Kerry is as happy as we are with the results.

Take a look for yourself

October 2016 -> April 2017

A very brave branding and digital project for a venture capitalist firm with offices in Cambridge and London – they welcomed the branding and experience the website we built gave them and their current and prospective clients had.

With both a circular and overlay menu system we ensured the user had multiple methods of navigation both of which are used and can instigate a journey of discovery about the company and the companies they invest in.

A great success that you can see here

January 2016 -> September 2017

A long term project with more coming up, UCL reached out to the District to help distribute their research into heritage to the masses.

With a stand out brand and guidelines we integrated that into a new website with a great amount of content we gave the researchers the tools they needed to create new content.

Visit the website to see the results for yourself.

December 2016 -> October 2017

Darren Mould has been working in property for over a decade and came to the District to help set his company apart from its competition.

With an exceptional brand we chose to make it the focal point website initially with a showcase of his companies works and contact details coming second. Working closely with the design team I helped lead the UX design to create this impactful single page website.

Go and see its impact

June 2015 -> November 2015

Alex is an amazing product photographer based in Essex, working with the likes of Disney, Glenlivet and The Cambridge Satchel company to name a few.

Inheriting a large unwieldy code base for a simple website, I rebuilt the entire project stripping out 90% of the javascript and coming up with a loading strategy to load up the images needed to create a better and much needed user experience allowing the images to be consumed in all their glory.

Take a look at his skills right here

June 2015 -> August 2017

Joining the team after this project had started, I worked closely with the client and the designers to turn 19 different templates into a component based system allowing the designers and the client to create new pages that are completely consistent in style but can have their own voice with the content they hold.

A long term relationship meant we worked closely with the marketing and design team to ensure the website worked for them with their tone of voice and their brand.

Read more about them

Micro Journal

Choosing your stack carefully

May 2018

Whether its the next big thing or a default stack to use within an agency, choosing the technical stack you use is an important decision to make.

Internally for a project that can grow you may look at PHP, Python, JavaScript or even .Net if that’s your background. For an agency, PHP tends to be the go to platform with frameworks like Laravel and content managements systems like WordPress, Drupal and Concrete5; although Python has grown with projects like Django as well as JavaScript with projects like KeystoneJS. Although .Net will always be around especially with those targeting more enterprise level projects.

With the breadth of languages and techniques out there, there is a skill shortage and high demand for growth which is one of the most important reasons for making the right choice when it comes to your stack.

Picking a stack does not mean that you are tied to it forever and it can be changed but that’s an expensive process both in terms of retraining the current team or hiring for a more specialised team. There are some older organisations still looking for Java developers when I’ve met only 5 during my 10 year career so they’re a rare breed. Some older code is still being used on a daily basis such as COBOL which powers most banking systems with 1,000,000 lines of code being added every year to add to the already millions of lines to fix bugs and add features. For me they are ripe for disruption and need to change - while its still expensive to support and extend this code changing the stack is still more expensive. Within an agency it means you can step out of your usual stack

When picking your stack, pick one that people know; whether its a large community, a lot of public resources on it or whether it’s already a well established stack in itself this way it makes it easy to grow and easier to build on.

Forget the latest trend, the latest fad, what seems “normal”, forget “well everybody else is”; use what you can build and grow around.

Evolving with industry

March 2018

Looking out of the window (so to speak) and seeing how much the industry is changing from a digital perspective. New skills, new languages, new frameworks and new ways of thinking are being introduced every day so you really do need to keep up to date otherwise you can find yourself left behind. For instance, right now I'm developing my own desktop application to help designers, developers within agencies create a directory structure to help with filing projects as well as learning Python to potentially power cloud based storage behind it.


November 2017

With GDPR just around the corner, the website redesign I've just done couldn’t have been better timed. First project I've made sure is GDPR compliant (I think).

The privacy policy is simple but concise and gives the ability to disable tracking cookies (ironically by using a cookie but this is the only way around it I can see). All data is anonomised so nothing is personally identifiable, no tapping into social media channels or anything else.

Either way, new website and some good direction on GDPR!