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Code Designs

Why Code Designs

/ 2 min read

Through the many (too many) iterations of this website and my personal brand that I’ve realised that there’s very little written about the name - Code Designs - so I thought I’d write about it a little.

Back at the beginning of my career, I struggled to find a permanent role so started freelancing straight away to be able to gain experience to help me later on. Initially, I just used my name while trying to work with other designers as a developer resource - coding their designs. While doing this I also worked with clients myself, micro businesses being set up with the help of the local LEP (who I also did some work for) and came to me for design and development work - whether a simply branding exercise and collateral including website where I felt having a “business” name may be better.

Knowing I would be spending my days coding and designing it felt useful to pick a name that worked with not only end clients I would be working with but also agencies and designers who would potentially work with me to code their designs and that is what inspired the name. And from that day forth, I traded as Code Designs.

This is going back 15 years now and I’ve always kept the name as it become synonymous with me and my name - I’ve kept the same email address since and still use it to this day making the brand a part of my daily life and I hope it continues.