Chris Butterworth
Strategist, Designer, Developer


Like other developers and designers, I like to show some of the work I'm most proud of for the past few years.

Each project brought on it's own challenges and performance issues as well as my role being different in each - some as purely a developer and others as a strategist and designer to help the client achieve everything they were looking to do.

Client: Rajen Mistry (Founder)
Year: 2020

When an old colleague reached out and asked about improving his website, I couldn’t say no.

Working tirelessly to convert a Wix website into WordPress has had a massive impact on performance and allowed some additional features that weren’t available in Wix all while keeping the carbon footprint as low as possible.

Client: Wholegrain Digital
Year: 2019

One of the lightest websites I've built with the highest impact.

This website came together after the manifesto was created during my time at Wholegrain Digital to help cut the carbon emissions of websites while ensuring transparency of the website itself.

Client: Redwan El-Harrak
Year: 2018

Working with an old colleague Redwan El-Harrak, we worked together and created this simple yet effective portfolio website for renowned photography Kerry Dean.

Making the navigation as simple as possible and working closely together on the design and user experience made this project run extremely smoothly; Kerry is as happy as we are with the results.

Client: Redwan El-Harrak
Year: 2018

Working with my good friend Redwan El-Harrak again, who created the great design and worked with Alex to collate the content and create the imagery. This came together with helping create the interactions to display the content.

This has been a great project to work on; from content challenges to the responsive nature of the design to ensure good usability and a great experience overall.