Chris Butterworth

Developer, UX Design, Strategy


Originally born in Lancashire, I moved to Suffolk and haven't stopped trying to perfect the crafts needed to work in the digital industry. Constantly striving to help organisations utilise and grow digitally; from small organisations get a foothold in the digital world, helping academics spread their knowledge or attracting people locally and nationally to a renowned venue.

Through an almost 10 year career, I've gained a massive amount of experience, grown my knowledge and skills as well as worked on and managed all aspects of digital projects, from UX design and strategy using tools like Axure, Balsamiq, Sketch and rapid prototyping with code; content strategy to make sure the content fits in with the experience a user should have and to extend the brand to more than logo, colours and typography; project management to make sure that budgets are adhered to and projects get finished on time.



Head of Digital -> The District

July 2015 -> Ongoing

Heightening the digital prowess of a highly creative agency; leading most aspects of digital projects and taking on and finishing off historic projects to get them over the line. Implementing a process and deeper collaboration between designers and developers, including workshops to help understand user experience and developmental and digital design best practices.

Lead Developer -> Cubiq design

March 2014 -> March 2014

Heading up their digital offering and help out with user experience and UI design as well as strategy and SEO work. Responsibilities were mainly to bug fix previous projects and help out with direction and strategy on new projects as well as mentoring another developer and teaching a couple of designer’s web development. While working here I’ve also been published in one of the magazines they publish (iQ) writing about the future of e-commerce and user experience design.

Senior Interactive Developer -> Omobono

March 2014 -> March 2014

Award winning B2B marketing company working in a team of
developers and designers to create marketing campaigns and custom web solutions for some of the biggest international companies. Helping to lead changes within QA processes within the company and development workflow to keep the company at the forefront of the field while keeping the development team responsive and agile.

Senior UX/UI Developer -> netXtra

January 2014 -> January 2014

Working together with designers and back end developers to create websites and web applications for the biggest charities and not for profit organizations in the country; taking the lead with the user experience and prototypes for each project. Also helped out giving guidance and setting up best practices for CSS and LESS as well as HTML and JS and creating markup libraries for future reference. While here I helped implement a brand new process to include more user experience aspects and rapid prototyping and modern practices, including changing deliverables.

Senior Developer -> Underscore

September 2012 -> September 2012

Award winning London based agency took me on as the sole developer working with some of the biggest property companies in the country as well as small boutique brands. I was the technical lead on many projects and had to help out with strategies including SEO, wireframes and user flows and sitemaps. Responsibilities included: PSD to HTML/WordPress, managing a team of developers, designing in the browser for responsive projects, leading UX/IA/wireframing websites based on the content needed to be displayed. Here I helped set up best practice for a team of developers that grew during my time; including deployment and launch

Senior Front End/WordPress Developer -> Gooey Creative

November 2011 -> November 2011

Working for a Manchester based agency, specialising in white label services and offering them to a prestigious list of clients including McCann Erikson, BJL, Fuse8, WAA, the Driven Agency and many more. This gave me an opportunity to work on a variety of different projects with many different clients. Here I helped set up using version control and deployment workflows as well as setting up project management tools to help manage and schedule the quickly growing team and the growing demand.